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About Us

Regional Logistics Limited is a transport and logistics solutions provider based and serving the East and Southern African Regions. We are located in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Rwanda. Our logistics services comprise customs clearance, freight forwarding, Warehousing, transportation, port services and air cargo. At Regional logistics we serve the regional and international markets. We apply high global standards in every process we undertake from cargo handling, tracking, delivery and customer service.

Customer service remains our key priority and such we value our cutomers and ensure they get the best services and in delivery; timeliness remains our key priority. We have and continue investing in equipment of the highest standards to facilitate our operations. We have heavily invested in modern cargo handling, unloading equipment to ensure smooth and efficient cargo handling. Our warehouses are fitted with state of the art security and surveillance technology to ensure safety of goods.

At regional logistics there’s no cargo too big for us; we offer customized transportation, warehousing and handling of abnormal cargo. We offer customized services according to clients’ needs. We will continue improving our services to keep you the customer satisfied and help us achieve our mission and vision in order to be a world class company and the best at what we do.